HG Makine was established in 2007 and we started with chocolate-related projects and developed ourselves in cosmetic machines over time. Since our establishment, it stands out as a brand that does not compromise on quality and has adopted the principle of perfection in all stages from production to after-sales service with its customer-oriented approach. Our company goal is always to design and manufacture machinery in line with the needs of our customers, with this view, we aimed to represent our country in many countries and set this as our goal. With our 15 years of experience, we have aimed at customer satisfaction until the end.

In this way, we have realized a large part of our export target. While following the latest technology, we are a company that adopts our principle to offer you the best service by keeping our quality in the foreground. In addition to all these, together with our design team, we offer our machines, which are completely our own design, in line with your needs. In our designs; has adopted the principle of manufacturing efficient machines suitable for your industrial conditions and intended use. It is our company's vision to manufacture in accordance with international standards, to provide trouble-free and unlimited service. We closely follow you with the best service until your delivery process with our R&D team and our manufacturing team. With each passing day, we continue to increase our success with innovative products and a developing product range.

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